Bring the benefits of BIG DATA to your small business. Turn financial sales, production records, social media and website analytics – and more – into your at-a-glance “dashboard”.

How would it feel if you could take the “pulse’ of your small business at any time?

You already capture a surprising amount of data: financial statements, invoices, customer profiles, leads, production sheets, Google Analytics, Hootsuite – and more. The challenge is to gather and organize this “hopper” of information, and then filter and interpret the raw numbers.

What is your data telling you?

Plenty, no doubt. If you had the time, money and expertise to tap into your data you would find opportunities, along with hidden weaknesses and threats with accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

What if you could check a custom “dashboard” where, at the push of a button, you’d know:

  • How sales reps and specific product lines are performing
  • Expenses that require immediate attention
  • Which social media posts are performing well
  • How – and if – your website is driving sales
  • Which receivables are due / overdue
  • Any metric that’s vital to your business success.

Having this information at your fingertips will allow for quicker course corrections, and help you deliver more confident decisions based on real data and analytics.